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St Filumena's Catholic Primary School Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

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The Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs C Tomlinson - Principal

Mrs S Bailey - Head of School

Mr M Bowyer - Senior Teacher

Mrs H Rogers - SENCO

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1

Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Teaching Assistants & Support Staff 1

Teaching Staff

Principal: Mrs Claire Tomlinson

Head of School: Mrs Sarita Bailey

Senior Teachers: Mr Matthew Bowyer

SENCO: Mrs Helen Rogers



Teachers: Mrs Ruth Yorke , Mrs Sophie Ginders, Mrs Barbara Cooper, Mrs Debbie Hope, Mrs Sarah Ball, Mr Chris Greaves


Spainsh teacher: Mrs Ana Taylor

Music teacher: Mrs April Reardon-Davies

Computing teacher: Mr Cliff Challinor

Science teacher: Mrs Elizabeth Johnson



Education Support Staff

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Anita Blaize,  Mrs Mandy Mulley, Mrs Janice Cooper, Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Liz Marrow, Mrs Denice Pemberton


Before and Afterschool Club: Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Rachel Cotton, Mrs Heather Rhodes, Mrs Elizabeth Marrow


Office Manager: Mrs Liesl Dudley

Clerical Assistant: Mrs Susan Rose

Clerical Assistant for Care Clubs: Mrs Alison Turnbull


ICT Technician: Mr Ben Jones


Mid-day Supervisors: Mrs Stephanie Morrison, Mrs Cath Cross, Mrs Joyce Wass, Mrs Shirley Stevenson, Mrs Emma Dreja, Mrs Rosie Alfan-Ali


Janitor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaning Supervisor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaners: Mrs Rachel Cotton


Catering Supervisor: Mrs Angela Holmes

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs Becky Killeen, Mrs Rachel Cotton


Areas of Responsibility

Senior Management Team:


Mrs C Tomlinson: Management and appraisal of the Senior Management Team, Health and Safety Officer, Deputy Child Protection Officer. Teaching and Learning Lead, Catholic Life of the School


Head of School

Mrs S Bailey Management and appraisal of staff (Teacher performance, pupil performance and curriculum development), Designated Child Protection Officer. Assessment Lead, RE Curriculum Lead.


                                    TLR Mr M Bowyer RE Team and Collective Worship Lead and Sports Funding Lead


Subject/Area of School Leadership and Management for teaching staff:



Subject Leadership Area


Helen Rogers



TA: Anita Blaize MTW/Mandy Mulley W/T/F

HR: SENCO, EYFS and Music



Year 1

Ruth Yorke


TA: Liz Marrow

ICT/Health and Safety and Evolve Visits/Student Partnerships Keele

Year 2

Sarah Ball MT/

Deb Hope WTF


TA: Gail Pemberton

SB: Art and Design and RRS


DH: Early Reading and Humanities, Eco/Outdoor Learning (Joint)

Year 3

Matt Bowyer


TA: Gail Pemberton


RE Sacramental Life and Collective Worship

PE funding and PE curriculum

Year 4

Barbara Cooper MTW/

Sophie Ginders W/T/F



BC: Healthy Schools and PHSE


SG: Maths Curriculum Lead and LPPA

Year 5

Chris Greaves



English Curriculum shadow , Humanities and Eco/Outdoor Learning (Joint) and After School Clubs


Year 6

Sarita Bailey (Head of School)


Assessment and Teaching and Learning

Safeguarding Lead


RE Curriculum Lead/Maths Lead/Lunchtime Supervisor Link

Anna Howard


Wednesday full day (including support of mass/hymn practice, Rainbows, Mini-Vinnie’s, Collective Worship and Sacramental Preparation Y3/6)

Lay Chaplaincy

Claire Tomlinson (HT)


Catholic Life Lead

Assessment and Teaching and Learning

English Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead and H&S Lead

School Council/Pupil Voice

TA Link