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Adoramous 2019

Adoremus National Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage


Adoremus – ‘Let Us Adore’ with His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley

Tuesday 11th September 2018


As part of our Diocesan participation in Adoremus: The Eucharistic Congress, the Archbishop invited all Primary schools to participate in a short time of Adoration with him. The event was live-streamed from his private chapel to all of our pupils in the school hall, where we met in Jesus' presence to adore and glorify His Holy name.


It was a wonderful and prayerful time for our pupils who spent time with Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. The children joined in with singing the hymns and saying the responses.


Many thanks to Deacon Peter who visited St. Filumena's and provided an opportunity later in the week for all pupils to visit the Church for adoration of the  Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance on our very own Church altar.

To watch a recording of the event please click


Pupils from Reception to Year 6 were given the opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament, experiencing the real presence of Jesus Christ in their lives. It was a beautiful, prayerful day and our pupils and staff were extremely reverent during this special experience.


This is what some of our children said about their experience:


Y6 - Priya, “It was so peaceful; the silence was powerful.”


Y6 - Alexa, “I felt alone and only God was with me. It felt very holy and beautiful. I felt free by telling God how amazing he is and thanking him and I’m glad we will all now know how to genuflect because it is a sign that we respect Jesus and his sacrifice for us: he is our King.


Y4 - Naomi, “It made me feel like nothing could hurt me and I was loved and cared for as I was in a little room with Jesus taking away all my troubles and all the things I have done wrong.”


Y4 Zach - “I felt peaceful because it felt as though Jesus was sitting right next to me.”


Y5 Chasdiel - "Adoration made me feel happy because I could spend more time reflecting on my family. I felt I was lucky because I have my family and friends who love me. It made me feel as though the Holy Spirit was within me and I can be more like Jesus. I will now be more kind and generous to my family and friends and more grateful for my things. Thank you so much for setting it up."


Y2 Max - "It was peaceful when we were thinking about how Jesus helps us in our lives. He is my bets friend and you always say thank you to your friends.  Adoration is like a special thank you to Jesus for everything he does for me and my friends."