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Summer 2 

Children have began to make their volcanoes ready to explode in the next science club! We also made out coins ultra shiny by using different solutions! 

In Art, Year 2 bought in a range of natural materials such as leaves, twigs, flowers etc to create patterns. Have a look at how we made different patterns in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, our artist for this term. We used alternate colours/materials, different rows of colours materials, made patterns within scenes and created repeated patterns. Can you spot which ones are which below?


In science, we have recently planted our own vegetables. We needed to consider what would attract useful mini-beasts such as bees so we decided to plant brightly coloured flowers in between our vegetables. We also considered the animals that we did not want to attract such as birds and made bird scarers to prevent them from ruining the growth of our crops. We plan to observe these over time as we look after them.

So that we know how to look after our vegetables, we created plant labels with important information.