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The school curriculum is more than the National Curriculum alone: it is everything that a school does to contribute to the development of each and every child

from the time it opens to the time it closes each day. 


Recognising this fact, we have developed a rich school curriculum that seeks to serve our vision of Future Readiness through 'Curriculum vehicles'. These are largely subject neutral learning themes that teach the National Curriculum subjects, but often go beyond its scope to equip our pupils with essential future ready skills. Our children are enjoying learning through a 'vehicle' and are able to make links between the various curricular subjects and how they all build to a real life end outcome. 


The 'Curriculum vehicles' go beyond the National Curriculum and also incorporate the following key values:- metacognition and self-regulated learning, teamwork, Gospel values and British Values, managing feelings and behaviours, managing relationships, cultural appreciation, managing time and resources, global awareness and responsibility.


As part of the Vehicles, we aim to provide the children with a range of different experiences to enrich the learning. Each termly Vehicle will include a visit out of school and as many visitors into school that we can find to keep the learning, enthusiasm and interest at a maximum level.

We are excited to be launching our curriculum vehicles for

the Spring Term...

Reception class 'Long, long ago and far, far away' as they become storytellers and actors working to cretae their own storyteling show for their families and our local playgroup.


Year 1 are going 'Celebrity' mad with St Filumena's Got Talent!


Year 2 are going 'To Infinity and Beyond!' as they launch into space action and plan a real-life rocket launch show along with their 'Sky at Night' video clips.


Year 3 are enterprising as 'Lego Builders' designing their own Lego product for retail - who will be chosen as the Master Builder?


Year 4 are creating an 'Egyptian Exhibition' as they become real life artists commission for the Tutankhamun tour, creating an art exhibit in a real-life gallery.


Year 5 are 'Going Potty' as they become the next apprentice designer drawing on the heritage of our local area.  Whose logo and mug design will go into production?  Who will win 'The Potter's Apprentice'?


Year 6 are educating the community as they prepare a community learning project on 'Islamic Civilisation'.


  Welcome to our exciting curriculum!