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Excellent Remote Learning

Parent Feedback

93% of parents feel that we clearly explained how to access remote learning.

89% feel that the school continued to have high expectations for its students during this unprecedented period.

96% of parents felt that there is a good range of subjects covered by our remote learning.


"Thank you, everyone, for your hard work in these stressful times hone learning and routine is
essential in maintaining the children’s mental health."


"I cannot thank the staff enough for how much they are having to juggle through these
difficult times and how they still manage to stay positive. Any time we have had any queries
or issues with the technology they have communicated with us effectively. The homeschool
work has been easy to navigate through for both students and parents. The live lessons are
constructed very well. Thankyou once again to all staff at St Filumenas you are doing a
remarkable job!"


"Thank you for your continued support and hard work during these difficult times."