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Home Learners make a great start to 2021

Our home learning is well and truly underway - thank you to all parents for your support and to our students who have really adapted quickly!

Here are some comments from parents:  Please keep sending in your photos and comments, they are gratefully received!


“It is astounding to think that at 9am last Tuesday morning, with the announcement of closure being just 13 hours earlier, our son was sitting in his Google Classroom and was taught right through until 2.30pm.  His teacher, Mrs Beeston, was amazing, she held the attention of the class, managed all the technical difficulties, supported all the children and ensured that they were all following and contributing to the lessons.   What the team at St Filumena’s have put together is nothing short of outstanding!!!”


“I would like to take to opportunity to thank Mr Howard and his team as once again instant ownership and clear direction was given absolutely fantastic. From a text messages within the hour of the announcement being issued and front line key workers called and offered places in school as normal the next day. To online learning starting instantly.”


"The speed of the response, communications from the school (including messages, newsletters, google meetings for the children and phone call from the class teaching staff), coupled with the speed at which work was posted on to the class pages online has been first class.
I was impressed with the response from the school during the 2020 lockdown and I am even more so now. I know of other schools in the local area who have struggled with the transition and have communicated with parents poorly, and I’m extremely glad I chose St Filumena’s for my child to attend. I feel confident that her educational progress and emotional welfare is being looked after as well as possible.  In light of Gavin Williamson’s invitation for parents to complain about schools to Ofsted, I have instead sent an email to Ofsted heaping praise on St Filumena’s."


Thank you, all!