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Supporting Your Child with Accelerated Reader


Please see the copy of the letter below for information regarding Accelerated Reader. 


Thank you for supporting your child with regularly reading. Our policy states reading at home in KS1 should take place 3 times a week as a minimum but daily reading is preferable.


Here are some suggestions of how to support your child when reading at home:


-Prompt children to use 'Fred Fingers' when tackling unfamiliar vocabulary (A strategy to develop knowledge of phonics and decoding words used by our Read, Write, Inc scheme).

-Make reading fun by modelling expressive voices used by different characters. 

-Time your child to read a page and ask them to try to beat their time the next day to increase their fluency. 

-Ask your child questions about the book using both literal retrieval questions and inference questions. Literal retrieval is where information can be taken directly from the text such as 'What object Josh have in his hand?'. Inference questions require children to use their logic to come to a conclusion based on evidence they have read from the text. An example of this could be 'How do you think Josh felt when mum reacted like that?'. 



If you have any questions about how to further support your children, or would like any additional resources, I am happy to help and provide these for you.




Science Club is starting this half term: 


Please see the attached letter below for information regarding this.