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Parenting Advice

Being a parent means creating a loving, safe environment for your children as they grow from baby to toddler, right through to the teenage years. You'll need different skills for each stage, but at all times your child will depend on you. You'll become the expert on your child and on what they need to grow into happy, healthy adults.

Loving your child, with no strings attached, is the most important thing you can do. But you'll also have to make a huge number of decisions about the best way to bring up your child. This responsibility brings joy and excitement, but it can also be overwhelming and even frustrating at times.

Most people manage these emotional and practical challenges with a mixture of love, help from relatives and friends, good advice, common sense and luck.

The SSCB have put together some helpful links that will offer you a wealth of advice and guidance on parenting issues.

Local Sites include:

Staffordshire Family Information Service: For families with children aged 0-19

The Staffordshire Family Information Service offer information, advice and guidance for parents and carers on finding and paying for childcare, parenting issues, family activities and organisations that can offer support.

Staffordshire Family Information Directory

This directory holds information, advice and guidance on a range of areas including finance, health, behaviour, parenting, relationships, childcare, and family activities. Search the directory using key words.

Staffordshire Parent Partnership Service

The service offers advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people who have been identified as having special educational needs. The service also supports parents and carers who think their child might have special educational needs. The service is free.

Staffordshire Umbrella Network

Staffordshire Umbrella Network (SUN) is a networking group looking at issues affecting children with special educational needs and their families. The network provides an opportunity for parents, carers, voluntary groups and agencies - such as education, social care and health - to get together and help to make a real difference to the quality of services and people's lives in the community.

National Web Sites:

The Advisory Centre for Education

Contact a Family

Family Matters Institute

Family Rights Group


One Parent Families/Gingerbread

Family Lives

Single Parent Action Network

One Plus One


The Children's Legal Centre


Counselling Directory


The NSPCC also provide a wealth of useful information for parents/carers:


Safeguarding Links

Educate Against Hate


Childline -

Safeguarding Children Board -