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St Filumena's Catholic Primary School Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

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School Development

St Filumena’s School Specific Development Plan 2018 – 2019 Headlines


Key Area 1- Effectiveness of Leadership and Management


  • To ensure that the new Local Governing Body (LGB) are appropriately skilled and critically challenging to drive school improvement.
  • Strengthen leadership of English and Mathematics (shadow lead development) so that they have an excellent understanding of the overall effectiveness of their subjects being taught throughout the school.
  • Strengthen subject leadership so that the curriculum planning supports the progress of all pupils.
  • Establish the senior leadership team and ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • To ensure the vision statement is fully integrated across the academy.
  • Communicate more effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Promote a positive image of St Filumena’s Catholic Primary School within the community and beyond.


Key Area 2- Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


  • To ensure that the curriculum is engaging pupils and stimulating for teaching and learning opportunities. Maximises use of outside space and incorporates ‘Forest School’ styled learning/activities.
  • To ensure all teaching is at least ‘good’ and  is frequently ‘outstanding’.
  • TAs deployed effectively to support teaching and learning, interventions as well as ensuring quality communication with class teacher or relevant agencies.
  • To ensure assessment/moderation is accurate and effective in progressing future learning; all year groups are working towards 90% of children working at the ‘expected standard’ and at least 33% at the higher standard.
  • To ensure most able children are being challenged in order to achieve ‘greater depth’ by the end of KS2.         
  • To ensure middle ability pupil premium children are targeted for higher level outcomes throughout the school.


Key Area 3 – Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare


  • To ensure that the engagement of children is monitored consistently.
  • Improve overall levels of attendance to meet 97% outstanding target.
  • Ensure procedures are fully in place to deal with undesirable behaviour and these behaviours are tracked and analysed appropriately.
  • Effective communication with parents in order to limit escalation of undesirable behaviours.
  • Further improve behaviour for learning so that pupils take ownership of their learning and progress.
  • Implement well-being award strategies across the school.
  • Ensure the Catholic Curriculum, BV and SMSVC is embedded throughout all SOL.



Key Area 4- Outcomes for Pupils


  • Ensure progress/attainment data is consistent between classes and year groups.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children achieving the expected standard in reading at the end of both KS1 and KS2.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children (at the end of KS1 / throughout KS2) achieving the expected standard and greater depth in writing.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children in KS1 achieving greater depth in Maths.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children in KS2 achieving greater depth in Reading.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children in KS2 achieving the expected standard and greater depth in Maths.
  • Ensure increase in the % of children in KS2 achieving combined in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Ensure all progress measures are positive/all pupils make at least expected progress between key stages, and across their individual year group.
  • To ensure vulnerable groups are diminishing the difference: effective quality first teaching and intervention ensure this.


Key Area 5 – Effectiveness of the Early Years Provision: Quality and Standards


  • Ensure good EYFS provision in all areas of the Early Learning Goals, including planned opportunities for exceeding in all ELG throughout the year.
  • Continue to develop the outdoor learning environment and make the most of ‘Forest School’ styled learning.
  • Ensure a balance between written evidence, observations and pupil led learning for R/W/M.
  • Promote EYFS techniques and styles throughout KS1.
  • Ensure all adults in the EYFS know how to record meaningful notes for assessment.
  • Ensure smooth transitions at the beginning and end of the year.