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Welcome to our After School Club Page

We are pleased to announce that the after school club trial has been successful

and we will be continuing the club into the next academic year. 


Please download the booking forms and registration documents below.  It is essential that a completed registration booklet is received for any new children attending our After School Club before their attendance.  All fees are payable in advance.  Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions contained in the Registration Booklet.  


Many thanks


We are able to accept childcare vouchers.  Please inform the school office via email so that we can set up accounts with the appropriate provider.

All school policies apply and extend to the after-school club, as this is a school run facility which is overseen by the Principal and governed by the Directors.  The policies below supplement and/or enhance the school policies to ensure the best possible care for our children.

After-school Club Specific Policies