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Week 3

Timetable for the week...

Week 3...of Home Learning will be...

We have had lots of fun today with the puppets!


Come on I need see what you have been doing ,send me your pictures...


Mrs Pemberton 

and Learning lion xx

Hi Reception Mrs Pemberton and me ( learning Lion ) still missing you all lots .


Mrs Pemberton and I have had special people round for tea ,its was great fun ,did the Tiger visit you ,I hope so and please send me your pictures to show us. 






Keep working hard Mrs Pemberton and 


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Here are some practical ideas for home learning using 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.

Do you have any tiger toys?
Can you make your own story telling shelves?
Can you write some key words?
Can you write a shopping list?
Can you draw or paint your favourite meal?
Can you copy write some key words from the story?
Can you match key words to objects?
Can you copy words?
Can you build words with magnetic letters?
Magnetic letters...
Magnetic letters...
Can you make a play dough tiger?
Can you make some buns for afternoon tea?
Can you make a play dough tiger?
Can you match numbers to Numicon shapes?
Can you thread beads onto the tiger's whiskers?
Can you count pom poms onto the Numicon shapes?
Numicon shapes...
Numicon counting...
Can you find any orange and black objects?
Do you have the book at home to share?