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Week 3

Timetable for the Week...



Our Text this week is...

The Tiger who Came to by Mrs Hodgkinson...

Click on the PowerPoint of the day...these will be loaded before 9am each morning...


Here are some practical ideas for home learning using 'The Tiger who came to tea'...
Picture 1 Do you have any tiger toys at home?
Picture 2 Can you collect objects from the story?
Picture 3 Can you write some expanded noun phrases?
Picture 4 Can you use key words in sentences?
Picture 5 Can you write a shopping list with prices?
Picture 6 Can you say what thinks are made using milk?
Picture 7 Expanded noun phrases...
Picture 8 Can you write an acrostic poem?
Picture 9 Can you sort words?
Picture 10 Can you use adjectives to describe these objects?
Picture 11 Do you have the story at home?
Picture 12 Can you paint a tiger pictures?
Picture 13 Can you make a tiger 3D model?
Picture 14 Can you add numbers?
Picture 15 Can you practice fine motor control?
Picture 16 Can you make a play dough or clay tiger?
Picture 17 Can you have a tiger tea party?
Picture 18 Can you divide numbers?
Picture 19 Can you solve fraction problems?
Picture 20 Can you double numbers?
Picture 21 Can you write number words?
Picture 22 Can you investigate tigers and their habitats?