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Y5 and Y6 Junior Bushcraft Club

Letter and Consent Form

Bushcraft and Survival Training Club: Y4-Y6

Mondays from 16 September to 21 October (6 sessions)


Dear Year 4, 5 and 6 parents/carers,


There is an opportunity for twelve Year 4, 5 and 6 students to join a ‘Bear Gylls’ Nature and Bushcraft club after school for the Summer Term.  The club will be run by Mr Nick Hulley, a qualified Forest Schools instructor.


There will be charge, please provide a cash or cheque payment as per the details provided by Mr Hulley as payment will be made directly (as for ASM sports).

The first twelve returned slips and monies will be considered.  Any additional will be returned and placed on a waiting list.









Mums & dads out there! I need twelve eager girls & boys from Years 5 and 6 to join me up in the woodland Nature Area from when school finishes until 17:00 hours for six Mondays, starting on the 16th September 2019! I’ll be teaching them many skills and techniques befitting the bushcraft & survival world. I’m a fully qualified bushcraft, survival & wilderness living instructor with over 20 years of experience – please see my social media pages:


Sessions may include the following activities: shelter building both man-made and natural, all aspects of safe bush knife & saw use for whittling, making tent pegs, using the component parts for fire set ups & adjustable pot holders, cordage making, the appropriate use of knots, frappings, wrappings and lashings, campcraft skills, the safe & appropriate use of fire, using differing techniques to create fire, flint & steel to fire-strikers, learning to safely boil water for their own drink, campfire cooking, safe foraging, baking bannocks, learning the Rule of Threes and positive mental attitudes to survival, making woodland items to take home and keep!

The cost per learner is £6.00 per session which includes all the resources and they’ll get to take home what they make.
The £36.00 will be paid upfront in cash at the beginning of the first session (this is because more learners will want to do the course than there are places for! It is therefore only fair to do this!)

Long trousers, walking boots or wellies (no trainers), long sleeved tops, wet weather coats/over-trousers, sun hats & creams, own medications, warm clothing, their own mug and a pair of sturdy gardening gloves are course requirements for attending each session.

Kindly Note: failure to comply with the above P.P.E. requirements will result in exclusion from that day’s session and parents arranging an earlier than anticipated child collection, without a refund as this is a serious woodland use Health & Safety obligation.


See you all up in the Nature Area at 15:15 on Monday 16th September 2019!