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Art Statement at St Filumena's


Albert Einstein stated, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Through this statement, Einstein makes clear that creativity is at the heart of art. We can also understand that art is about expression and through this expression, we can have fun!


Art stimulates imagination and creativity. By interacting with the world, we create our own appreciation of art and start to create our own definition of beauty. From the moment we are born, we communicate through art. We study art because it gives us freedom and it allows us to express our emotions and understanding of the world.

Our curriculum is designed to help children embed all of these skills. We want the children to explore, engage and to be inspired by art. Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum and we are ambitious that children are given freedom to express themselves through their art.

Through our programme of study, children develop their proficiency talents in drawing, painting and sculpture. We hope to inspire children by studying a range of artists and in allowing them to appreciate a diverse range of art.


As Wassily Kadinksky once said, there is no must in art because art is free.” We hope that children find pleasure in the freedom of our art curriculum.

Art Statement document