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We would really appreciate new volunteers to enable us to continue to raise more funds for our children and their school. If we have more volunteers we can hold more events. Being part of St. Filumena's PTFA is enjoyable, you will meet new people and have fun!

Welcome to St. Filumena's PTFA


Our PTFA is in its infancy as it has only been meeting and fundraising for the past two years. We welcome all new volunteers and greatly appreciate any help that can be offered at any of the fundraising events. Our aim is to provide some enjoyable events for both children and parents.


We work alongside St. Filumena’s Parish Committee in specified events such as the ‘Grand Raffle’ and help at each other's fayres. This enhances our school and Catholic Parish Community.


For more information on our fundraising successes and plans, please read our introductory letter: 



The PTFA committee have made the decision to cancel the Mother’s Day afternoon teas.


We have decided to do this now rather than last minute as it is likely the MAC would have cancelled it anyway next week, in light of mass gatherings being cancelled.


I am working on a way to get money back to you and will update later today with the plan, as I am sure you appreciate it’s not going to be a small task. Those who paid by bank transfer will be getting a cash refund and cheques will be returned, as these have not yet been banked.


Please be patient, we have 130 families booked so it will take time.


If anyone wishes to donate some or all monies paid please let me know.  We have already paid out considerable funds for the event that cannot be returned.


**Mrs Pitt will be on the playground this afternoon, from 3pm, to issue refunds**