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Class 2

Welcome to Year 2...


Class Teacher-Miss Whitehall

Support staff-Mrs Pemberton (AM)

Mrs Beeston (PE)

Miss Grocott (Music)



Please see our key spellings for Year 2 below.

Our Autumn Vehicle


This term, our vehicle is based on the tribe, Masssai. As we discussed on the transition day, we are going to be learning about how this tribe lives, what they wear, what they eat and all about them! Mr Howard might be able to help us as he has visited the Maasai people, so ask him about his travels when you see him around school!





This half term, we will be learning to retell fairy tales starting with Rumpelstiltskin. We will make sure that our learning of capital letters and full stops is secure from Year 1 and we will chose interesting adjectives to describe each of the characters. Our stories will have an opener focussed on a character or the setting, a build up, a problem, a resolution and an ending.




To begin with, we will make sure that we know how to represent numbers in a variety of ways focusing on the place value of digits. We always use lots of equipment such as bead strings, place value charts, number lines, dienes and 100 grids to help us with our learning. Once we understand the value of numbers, we will begin to add and subtract numbers up to 100 using both one and two-digit numbers. Again, we will use our equipment to support the written calculations that we do.




We will be learning all about animals inc humans. We will observe and ask questions about offspring which grows into adults, find out about and describe what animals and humans need to survive and be able to describe why exercise, eating the right amount of different foods and being hygienic are important. We love to work scientifically here at St Filumena's so we will have opportunities to ask visitors questions, and do experiments to learn within this topic.




This term, we will learn all about famous explorers including Ibn Battuta, Scott of the Antarctic and Levison Wood. We will learn about the experiences of these explorers, ask questions and gather information from a range of sources.




Have you ever wondered what the earth is made up of? We will explore the different oceans and continents and tackle lots of misconceptions. We will have lots of opportunities to use the atlases to locate and describe the location of these large salty waters, and divisions of land.




Using the methods of drawing, painting and collaging, we will lead up to producing a self-portrait in a pointillism style which is inspired by Van Gogh. The Dutch artist created many inspirational pieces of art such as, 'Starry Night', 'Sunflowers' and 'Café Terrace at Night' all of which we will learn about. We will learn how to draw lines and tones to represent objects, build texture and pattern and be able to evaluate our own artwork.


Design Technology


In our first unit, we will be working towards preparing fruit and vegetables. We will understand the importance of eating these, the importance of hygiene when preparing these, understand where these come from including the continents that the crops grow in and what parts of the crops we eat. In addition to this, we consider our consumers as we create an alternative, healthy dish for the people of Maasai.




In our first unit all about coding, we will be able to learn about and explain what an algorithm is, create a program that uses a collision detector, a timed-after command, one that uses different object types and another that includes a button object. We will also learn to debug these.


We will learn the following skills:

Predict… what this code will do?

Run… the code to check your prediction .

Investigate… trace through the code to see if you were correct.

Modify... the code to add detail, change actions/outcome.

Make… a new program that uses the same ideas in a different way.




All of the learning in our first unit is focussed around the song: Hands, Feet, Heart-a song that celebrates South African Music. We will learn to sing and play instrumental parts of the song using instruments. We will learn to improvise and perform composition within the song in order to prepare for our exciting end of unit performance!




In this unit, we will work on our coordination within our footwork and our balance. We will then go onto develop this when jumping and landing and using a ball. We will learn to support, listen to and encourage others with their learning. As well as this, we will share, take turns and carry out tasks safely while challenging ourselves.




We begin the term by looking at stories within the Old Testament to understand the relationship God has with others. We will read many stories within the Bible such as Noah's Ark and stories of Jonah and Abraham and understand that God is forgiving.








Recommended Reading Challenge!


 Your challenge is to finish reading all of these books by the end of Year 2! We will work together and find as many books to share with each other to try to get everyone to read them!


For each book you read, write three sentences about the book in the back of your homework diary so that we know you have read it! There will be a prize for the people who read them all! Good luck and have fun!