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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Class Teacher: Mr Ord     |   Support Staff: Mrs Pemberton

The Spring Term is here, and we have a lot of exciting new topics.

Below is a summary of what we will be studying in Year 2 this term:




For our first unit back, we will be exploring some of the different stories by author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. We will look at his creative style and how he uses this with the different features of a story. This will help us towards writing our own stories (in the style of Oliver Jeffers) where we will look to include expanded noun phrases, words with apostrophes (contractions) and even subordinating conjunctions to make our sentences even more interesting.


Following this unit of work, we will be exploring explanations and some more poetry. Lots of exciting writing opportunities are waiting. Watch this space!





Unit 6: Multiplication & Division 


Following our previous unit on multiplication, we now move onto division. We will be exploring the methods of grouping and sharing and will also be introduced to the division sign (÷). Understanding the importance of equal groups will be key and we will be making the link between division and multiplication facts to help.


Unit 7: Statistics


We will also be introducing statistics this term. We will explore how data can be collected and show this information in lots of different ways. We will use tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams to support our problem solving. We can then use these skills to support our learning in other subjects too.



We begin the term by looking at important stories and prayers within the Old Testament to understand the relationship God has with others. We will read many stories within the Bible such as Noah's Ark and stories of Jonah and Abraham and understand that God is forgiving. We will follow this by building upon our understanding of the life of Mary and Jesus and the call of disciples.




To begin this term, we will be learning all about animals including humans. We will observe and ask questions about lifecycles and offspring which grows into adults, find out about and describe what animals and humans need to survive and be able to describe why exercise, eating the right amount of different foods and being hygienic are important. We love to work scientifically here at St Filumena's so we will have opportunities to ask visitors questions and do experiments to learn within this topic.




For our first term, we will be exploring the incredible island on which we live. We will learn all about the United Kingdom and the four countries that make it as well as recognise the four capital cities and other major landmarks. To further our understanding of the United Kingdom, we will then look to explore the captivating coastline where many people reside, identifying the main features of a seaside locality and how and why the seaside changes.




Throughout this term, we will learn who the Stuarts were and explore some of the events that took place throughout their fascinating time period. We will discover more about the infamous Gunpowder Plot and how Guy Fawkes was involved. Comparisons of life then to life today will be also explored and the significant changes that London underwent following the Great Fire of London.




Using the methods of drawing, painting, and collaging, we will lead up to producing a self-portrait in a pointillism style which is inspired by Van Gogh. The Dutch artist created many inspirational pieces of art such as, 'Starry Night', 'Sunflowers' and 'Café Terrace at Night' all of which we will learn about. We will learn how to draw lines and tones to represent objects, build texture and pattern and be able to evaluate our own artwork.



Design Technology

***Coming Soon***



PE will be on a Thursday afternoon and pupils will need to come to school in their PE kits. For our units this term, we will work on our coordination within our footwork and our balance. We will then go onto develop this when jumping and landing and using a ball. We will learn to support, listen to and encourage others with their learning. As well as this, we will share, take turns and carry out tasks safely while challenging ourselves.



Computing is taught by Miss Daws. In the Spring term, Year 2 will be exploring different ways to present their ideas using technology. We will be creating quizzes, story presentations and pieces of writing using the computer to build the children's understanding of technology. We will then move on to creating pictograms using Purple Mash, where the children will get to collate their own data.



Music will be taught by Miss Grocott. The units that we will be exploring are: How does music help us to make friends? How does music teach us about the past? We will be building on the children's knowledge from Year 1 through playing instruments, singing, improvising and composing music. During the Autumn term, children will be particularly focusing on the names and beats of different musical notes (crotchets, quavers, twin quavers and crotchet rests) and use these in their own compositions.



*** Coming Soon ***


Our Spring Vehicle:

***Coming Soon***




Our Class Saint

In Year 2, our class saint is Saint Paul, the patron saint of evangelists, missionaries, authors, and journalists. We look forward to celebrating his feast day (29th June) later in the year.