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Class 2

Welcome to Year 2...


Class Teacher-Miss Whitehall

Support staff-Mrs Pemberton (Monday, Tuesday mornings) 

Our Summer Vehicle


So far, we have covered a range of subjects to help us with our vehicle! Here are a some of the activities we have done:

Computing-Using effective searching to find out about the main causes of fires, our local fire station and how to keep safe if one was to occur.

Geography-Creating escape routes through the school using directional language. 

History-We have studied the Great Fire of London and compared the resources and prevention of fires today compared to the 1800's. 



Recommended Reading Challenge!


There is only a few weeks to go to finish the reading challenge! 

 Your challenge is to finish reading all of these books by the end of Year 2! We will work together and find as many books to share with each other to try to get everyone to read them!

I hope you have enjoyed the books you have read so far just as much as I have enjoyed hearing about them!

Remember: For each book you read, write three sentences about the book in the back of your homework diary so that we know you have read it! There will be a prize for the people who read them all! Good luck and have fun!