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Welcome to Class 5

Miss E Edwards

Welcome to Class 5!


Please see below for details about what the children will be studying throughout the term.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me on Class Dojo!


Our Class Saint

Year 5's class saint is Saint Teresa of Calcutta. We celebrated her feast day on the 5th September.



Our English unit this term will be focusing on a Film Narrative called The Piano, by Adrian Gibbons. Within this unit we will be looking at the structure of a film narrative, the characters within the story and the emotions that are portrayed throughout. Year 5 will then write their own version of The Piano, ensuring that their work is correctly organised into paragraphs and they can demonstrate the correct use of speech in their writing.



In Maths this Term, Year 5 will start by completing Unit 100 Perimeter and Area of rectilinear shapes. We will then be focusing our attention on statistics in Unit 11, looking at graphs and tables, interpreting information given and answering questions based on what we have seen.


Guided Reading

In addition to our English lessons, the children will also have two Guided Reading sessions a week. The text focus will change each week (meaning we get to read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.) In these sessions, we will focus on using our VIPERS skills.

These consist of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising.



In Science, Year 5 will be focusing on Earth and Space. Within this topic, we will learn how to describe the movement of the Earth and other planets, relative to the sun in the solar system. They will then move onto using the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky



In RE, Year 5 will be growing their understanding and appreciation of Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection. They will focus on the Easter Vigil and what happens during this service. After half term, we will learn about the work of the Apostles as well as Marriage and Holy Orders.  



In geography this term we will be studying the continent of South America. As we progress, we will identify, describe and understand key aspects of physical and human geography before the children then turn their focus to the effects of tourism. We will also be investigating the landscapes of this varied continent.



Throughout the term, Year 5 will be delving into the past and will be exploring the lives and legacies of the Ancient Mayans. We will be investigating why they were able to survive for so long but ultimately conquered by the Spanish. Throughout this term we will be using lots of different skills to evaluate and understand different sources of information.



For Art this term, we will be studying the famous artist Jean-Michael Basquiat through the medium of water colour. The children will initially research the artist to understand his most famous works, background as well as the historical context before making some experimental water colour designs. Then moving on to develop their own interpretation of the Day of the Dead.



In Spanish this term, we will be finishing our unit on 'Clothes', looking at how to say 'I wear' and finding ways to describe different items of clothing. Year 5 will then be moving onto looking at The Olympics and the different sports that take place there. 



DT will be taught by Mrs Deighton. During the summer term, the children are developing their textiles skills. The children will be using their knowledge of different equipment and work in a team to make their own design choice, resulting in completing a ‘Little inventors challenge



For PE this term, we are focusing on athletics, rounders and cricket. Children will play a variety of games and develop skills. Mr Huson will help them to continue improving their fitness throughout this time.



Year 5's Favourite Moments of the Year

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