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Miss O Grocott

Summer Term 2023


I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to the Summer Term. I certainly am! Please see below for details about what the children will be studying throughout the term.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me on Class Dojo.

Our Class Saint


Year 5's class saint is St Teresa of Calcutta. We celebrated her feast day (5th September) on Friday 9th September 2022. The children had a wonderful day learning about her life, participating in a collective worship and thinking about how she can inspire us. We sent cards to a local hospice to cheer up the residents and had a lovely reply. It was truly inspiring.





The children's first English unit this term is persuasive writing. The children will be learning about how to write to persuade and use their learning to write formal, persuasive letters!


After, the children will be exploring stories from other cultures. They will be using our class text: No Ballet Shoes in Syria to write from the perspective of a key character.


Later in the term, the children will engage with narrative poetry. They will be writing poems to describe their time in Year 5! This will be a lovely piece which they can keep at home to remember their time in Year 5.



Guided Reading


In Guided Reading lessons, the children will be exploring a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They will be developing their understanding from previous years focusing on the VIPERS skills.

  • Vocabulary - To give/explain the meaning of words in context.
  • Inference - To make inferences from the text and justify them using evidence from the text.
  • Prediction - To predict what might happen from the details stated and implied.
  • Explanation - To explain the author's choices including their choice of words and phrases.
  • Retrieval - To retrieve and record key information/key details.
  • Summarise - To summarise main ideas from more than one paragraph.


Year 5's new class novel is 'No Ballet Shoes in Syria' by Catherine Bruton. This is a heartwarming and moving story, which will help the children to understand the struggles that refugees go through and links to our English units.





These are the units that the children will learn about this term. Underneath the unit title is a list of objectives that the children will cover in that unit.


Geometry - Properties of Shapes

  • Understanding and using degrees
  • Measuring acute and obtuse angles
  • Drawing lines and angles accurately
  • Calculating angles around a point and on a straight line
  • Finding missing lengths and angles in shapes
  • Identifying regular and irregular polygons
  • Identifying parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Identifying 3D shapes


Geometry - Position and Direction

  • Reading and plotting coordinates
  • Solving problems with coordinates
  • Translating shapes and points
  • Identifying lines of symmetry
  • Reflecting shapes in horizontal and vertical lines



  • Adding and subtracting decimals with the same and different numbers of decimal places
  • Solving problems with decimals
  • Completing decimal sequences
  • Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000


Negative Numbers

  • Understanding negative numbers
  • Comparing and ordering negative numbers
  • Finding the difference between numbers, including negative numbers


Measure - Converting Units

  • Converting between metric and imperial units of mass, length and capacity
  • Converting units of time
  • Calculating timetable problems
  • Solving problems involving units of measure



Measure - Volume and Capacity

  • Estimating, measuring and comparing volume




This term, the children's RE units are:

  • Easter: In this unit the children learn about the Church's Celebration of Easter through the Easter Vigil. They will learn about the Church's belief in eternal life through the Easter Story and the Story of the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven.
  • Pentecost: The unit is designed to give children greater insight into the Church's belief in the Holy Spirit. It will also explore the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity and prayer and devotion to the Holy Spirit.
  • The Work of the Apostles: This unit has been designed to help the pupils understand the significant role the Apostles played in proclaiming the Good News. Pupils will reflect on the work of the Apostles as building the foundations of the Church which continues to proclaim the Good News of Christ today.
  • Marriage and Holy Orders: This unit is designed to help the children understand that Marriage and Holy Orders are important Sacraments of Commitment in the Church. It will also help them appreciate that everybody has some responsibility and part to play in the Church.




Please see the document below to find the prayers that the children will be exposed to throughout Year 5:

Year 5 Prayer Booklet



In science, the children will be moving onto living things and their habitats. They will be exploring the life cycles of a range of animals and plants, including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.


After, the children will be moving onto Earth and space. They will explore the movement of Earth and planets in our Solar System relative to the Sun and also the moon relative to the Earth. They will also explore shadows and strengthen their understanding of the seasons and night and day by exploring the Earth's rotation.






Up until May Half Term, the children will be attending swimming at Cheadle Leisure Centre. This will take place on Wednesday afternoons and the children will be accompanied by Mrs Morrison and Miss Dennis. The children should come to school in their PE kit on Wednesdays and should bring their swimming kit with them.



History will be taught by Miss Dennis. The children's topic is the Mayans. They will be fascinated to learn about where and when the Mayans existed. They will study how the Mayans were so strong, and explore artefacts which show what it was like to live in the Mayan Civilisation. They will also explore what led to the collapse of the Mayan Civilisation.





Geography will be taught by Miss Dennis. The children's unit for the Summer Term is South America. The children will locate South America on a map and identify the different countries which make up South America. They will explore the climate of South America based on its location and explore mountain ranges. They will also look at trade in South America and products we eat and drink every day that come from there! The children will also explore a case study about Brazil, considering what life is like there and comparing it to life here in the UK.





Computing will be taught by Mr Johnson. The children will begin this term with game creating. They will explore different games, before creating their own game online, which will be shared and evaluated by their classmates. How exciting! After, they will develop their understanding of coding, by creating their own animations using code. Coding is such an integral part of technology and this will help provide the foundations for the children to build on in high school and possibly in a future career!



In the Summer Term, the children will be studying the famous artist, Basquiat. They will explore his life and work, before experimenting with drawing and painting portraits in his neo-expressionist style. 





Miss Skellern will be teaching the children DT. This term, the children will be designed their own stuffed toys. This will be completely independent! The children will design, cut their fabric, stitch, decorate and evaluate their stuffed toy. I know they will look forward to bringing them home!







This term, the children will continue to develop and build on their learning from Years 3 and 4. The children's first unit is about the Olympics. The children will develop their learning from their previous History Unit the Ancient Greeks and learn how to say a range of sports in Spanish! They will be developing a range of skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The children will then move on to their unit about clothes and learn how to say a variety of different clothing in Spanish to describe what they are wearing.





Miss Gould will be teaching the children music. The children will be exploring the following questions: how does music shape our way of life? and how does music connect us with the environment? The children will be exploring a range of genres including orchestral, pop, romance, musical, hip hop and funk. They will be developing a range of musical skills, such as singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing.



In the Summer Term, our vehicle is about Discipleship. This idea will be introduced to the children during our Residential Trip to Alton Castle. The children will then think about how they can implement this concept at school, at home and to the wider community, showing that they are a true disciple of Jesus!