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Meet the Staff

Welcome to the staff at our school

Executive Principal: Mr Edward Howard


School Business Manager: Mrs Charlotte Talbot


Acting Head of School: Mrs Sarita Bailey


SENDCO: Mrs Helen Rogers


Teaching staff

Mrs Ruth Yorke, Mrs Sarah Ball, Miss Hannah Whitehall, Mrs Katherine Hodgkinson, Mrs Vicky Beeston, Mr Jack Huson, Mrs Sarita Bailey


Specialist Teachers

Spanish teacher: Mrs Anemone Mertz

Music teacher: Mrs April Reardon-Davies

Science teacher: Mrs L Johnson

ASM Sports Coach: Mr Joe Mellor


Education Support Staff

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mandy Mulley, Mrs Janice Cooper, Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Liz Marrow, Mrs Denice Pemberton


Before and After-school Club

Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Rachel Cotton


Clerical Assistant: Mrs Susan Rose

Clerical Assistant for Care Clubs: Mrs Tracy Smith


ICT Technician: Mr Chris Snow


Lay Chaplain: Mrs Anna Howard


Mid-day Supervisors

 Mrs Stephanie Morrison, Mrs Cath Cross, Mrs Joyce Wass, Mrs Shirley Stevenson, Mrs Rosie Alfan-Ali


Janitor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaning Supervisor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaner: Mrs Rachel Cotton


Catering Supervisor: Mrs Angela Holmes

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Becky Killeen