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St Filumena's Catholic Primary School Part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs S Bailey: Acting Head of School/Year 6 Teacher
Picture 2 Mr R Allen: Asst Principal & Class Teacher Year 5
Picture 3 Mrs A Barnett: School Business Manager
Picture 4 Mrs H Rogers: Class Teacher Reception and SENCO
Picture 5 Mrs R Yorke: Class Teacher Year 1
Picture 6 Mrs S Ball: Class Teacher Year 2 (job share)
Picture 7 Mrs E Marrow: Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs G Pemberton: Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around
Picture 9 Mrs D Pemerton: Teaching Assistant and Janitor
Picture 10 Mrs J Cooper: Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs M Mulley: Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs S Rose: Clerical Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs T Smith: Clerical Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs A Whitehurst: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 15 Mrs C Cross: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 16 Mrs E Dreja: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 17 Mrs S Morrison: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 18 Mrs R Alfan-Ali: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 19 Mrs J Wass: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 20 Mrs S Stevenson: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 21 Mrs H Rhodes: Wrap Around Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs A Holmes: Catering Supervisor
Picture 23 Miss R Killeen: Catering Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs R Cotton: Catering Assistant & Breakfast Club

Teaching Staff

Acting Head of School: Mrs Sarita Bailey

Assistant Principal: Mr Rob Allen

School Business Manager: Mrs Ann Barnett


Senior Teachers: 

SENCO: Mrs Helen Rogers



Teachers: Mrs Ruth Yorke, Mrs Katherine Hodgkinson, Mrs Sarah Ball, Mrs V Beeston, Mrs Halden-Evans


Spanish teacher: Mrs Ana Taylor

Music teacher: Mrs April Reardon-Davies

Computing teacher: Mr Cliff Challinor

Science teacher: Mrs Kathryn Bradley 


ASM Sports Coach: Mr Joe Mellor



Education Support Staff

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mandy Mulley, Mrs Janice Cooper, Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Liz Marrow, Mrs Denice Pemberton


Before and Afterschool Club: Mrs Gail Pemberton, Mrs Rachel Cotton, Mrs Heather Rhodes, Mrs Elizabeth Marrow


Clerical Assistant: Mrs Susan Rose

Clerical Assistant for Care Clubs: Mrs Tracy Smith


ICT Technician: Mr Ben Jones


Mid-day Supervisors: Mrs Stephanie Morrison, Mrs Cath Cross, Mrs Joyce Wass, Mrs Shirley Stevenson, Mrs Emma Dreja, Mrs Rosie Alfan-Ali


Janitor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaning Supervisor: Mrs Denice Pemberton

Cleaners: Mrs Rachel Cotton


Catering Supervisor: Mrs Angela Holmes

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs Becky Killeen, Mrs Rachel Cotton


Areas of Responsibility

Senior Management Team:

                                    Acting Head of School:

Mrs S Bailey: Management and appraisal of the Senior Management Team,  DSL/Child Protection Officer. Teaching and Learning Lead, Catholic Life of the School, Assessment Lead, RE Curriculum Lead. and PHSE.


                                    TLR                 RE Team and Collective Worship Lead and Sports Funding Lead and Healthy Schools


Subject/Area of School Leadership and Management for teaching staff:



Subject Leadership Area


Helen Rogers


TA: Gail Pemberton M/T/Mandy Mulley W/T/F

HR: SENCO, EYFS and Music



Year 1

Ruth Yorke


TA: Liz Marrow

ICT/Health and Safety and Evolve Visits/Student Partnerships Keele

Year 2

Sarah Ball/Mrs K Hodgkinson



TA: Janice Cooper

SB: Art and Design and RRS

 KH: Early Reading and Humanities, Eco/Outdoor Learning (Joint)

Year 3

Mrs J Hulley (Temporary)




RE Sacramental Life and Collective Worship

PE funding and PE curriculum

Year 4




Maths Curriculum Lead and LPPA

Year 5

Mr R Allen

English Curriculum shadow , Humanities and Eco/Outdoor Learning (Joint) and After School Clubs


Year 6

Sarita Bailey (Vice Principal)


Assessment and Teaching and Learning

Safeguarding Lead


RE Curriculum Lead/Maths Lead/Lunchtime Supervisor Link

Anna Howard


Wednesday full day (including support of mass/hymn practice, Rainbows, Mini-Vinnie’s, Collective Worship and Sacramental Preparation Y3/6)

Lay Chaplaincy

Claire Tomlinson (HT)


Catholic Life Lead

Assessment and Teaching and Learning

English Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead and H&S Lead

School Council/Pupil Voice

TA Link