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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4! 

Miss Daws



Welcome to Class 4!


Please see below for details about what the children will be studying throughout the term.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me on Class Dojo!


Our Class Saint

Year 4's class saint is St. Vincent De Paul. We celebrated their feast day back in September! 


Our first unit in Spring 2 will be to complete our unit on explanation texts. We will write our own explanation text about the process of mummification. Our key language features will be to use subordinating conjunctions, causal conjunctions and fronted adverbials within our work. 


Guided Reading

In addition to our English lessons, the children will also have two Guided Reading sessions a week. The text focus will change each week (meaning we get to read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.) In these sessions, we will focus on using our VIPERS skills.

These consist of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising.



In this term, we have a huge focus on fractions! We start by identifying fractions and then building up on their knowledge. We will learn how to add fractions, how to simplify them and how to show equivalent fractions.



We start the second Spring term learning all about Lent and the importance of this to our liturgical calendar. During this time, we will take part in lots of class activities such as the Lenten walk, Lenten retreat and the stations of the cross prayers. It is a really important time for us to reflect.



In Geography, our unit is all about North America. We will consider the geographical construct of North America and identify the countries within the continent. We will use this knowledge to compare these countries by considering the human and physical features. Another key focus will be on time zones and how these differ across the continent of North Ameica. 



In History, Class 4 will be focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. We will consider where this is placed on our historical timeline and how it links to our previous learning.  Through the unit, we will be focusing on cause and consequence and interpretation



In Art, the children will be focusing on an artist called Stephen Wiltshire. Through this unit, the children will experiment with different materials, such as pencil, water colour and pastels. This will help the children to develop their skillset and to evaluate which material is the most effective in achieving a desired outcome.



Science will be taught by Miss Grocott. We will start the term by continuing with our Electricity unit. Over the course of the unit, the children will take part in scientific enquiries and will set up their experiments using scientific knowledge and vocabulary.



Hola! Our unit in the second Spring term is all about classroom objects. This means we will be learning key words for things we use in the classroom such as ruler, book and pencil. By the end, we will be able to say all the equipment in our pencil cases in Spanish! 



DT will be taught by Mrs Deighton. In DT, the children will be making slingshot cars. They will focus on key terms such as mechanism and chassis. These key words will help them to consider the best way to construct their design.



This term, the children will return to their real P.E learning. 



The children will be learning about spreadsheets. This will entail creating spreadsheets and understanding how to interpret data from them. 

Year 4: Good News


The summer term has rapidly reached its end for our Year 4s and what an amazing year they have had. They have worked brilliantly throughout and there has been lots of fun had along the way.

One of our highlights as a class was the development of the Long-Jump pitch, which we designed and planned ahead of it's construction, as part of our Summer Vehicle. We then hosted a fantastic competition at our Summer Concert, raising lots of money towards its construction. 

Something to be proud of for sure! 

Summer Vehicle: Long-Jump Renovation