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Homework will be set on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. The details of each week's homework will be posted weekly below.


The homework will be set on Century Tech. There will be six nuggets for the children to complete (three maths and three English) based on what we have been learning that week. The children can login here: Century Tech Login Page.


As well as this, it is incredibly important that Year 4 are practicing their times tables! Children should complete 5 soundcheck Games on TTRockstars each week, hoping to score more points each time! The children can log in here: TT Rockstars Login


Additionally, the children should be reading for two hours every week and should update their reading diaries daily with a summary of what they have read. Once they have read their book, they need to complete a short quiz about their book on Accelerated Reader. The children can login here: Accelerated Reader Login Page.


Each half term, children must reach 5 Accelerated Reader points. Every Friday, I will be checking and signing the children's diaries and monitoring their point progress. Therefore, they must bring their reading diary in on that day.


Homework set Friday 8th December: Due Wednesday 13th December 

English Century Tech:

- Statements

- Word families 

- Our precious rainforests (Reading) 

Spellings to practice this week: 

experience, opposite, decide, grammar, forwards, bicycle


As always, reading is crucial and reading diaries will be checked every Thursday. 


Maths Century Tech 

- Counting in multiples of 3

- Counting in multiples of 6

- Counting in multiples of 9 

5 Soundchecks on TTRockstars to complete.


RE Homework: 

Choose a day to open from the CAFOD Advent Calendar. Linked below.

Can you complete one of these with your families?