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School Chaplaincy

To support the work of our Parish priests and deacon, every week our MAC lay chaplain for primary schools is with us for the day, supporting the spiritual life of pupils and staff at St Filumena’s.


Mrs Howard works with children and staff individually, in small groups, with classes or the whole school. You will see her leading worship through our celebrations of Mass, assemblies, hymn practices, and class liturgies. She helps to lead us in praise as she plays guitar and sings and even helped us to write our own school hymn. She runs our dynamic and enthusiastic Mini Vinnie group and the Chatterbox. Mrs Howard helps our pupils to grow as Jesus' disciples, and to share the mission of the Church with the wider community.

The Chatterbox system operates in school in order to offer our pupils a listening ear. It’s good to talk!


There are times when children have worries or anxieties which it can help to voice. If a child has something they wish to speak with Mrs Howard about they write their name and class on a special slip of paper and post it into the Chatterbox. When Mrs Howard is next in school she makes a few minutes to spend with children who have posted their names into the box, listening to concerns and offering support.


Children know and understand that if something is causing a lot of worry or upsetting them then they must go and speak directly with a teacher about it