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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

with Mrs Rogers and Miss Dennis 





We will be continuing to develop our writing skills, using a range of books to inspire us.

Our text focus for this term will be: Dictionary skills and definitions, Traction Man: Character descriptions, diary entry, letter writing, inventing part of the story, new and interesting vocabulary, responding to illustrations, reading for an audience, fact files and information texts. 

We will be learning how to use a dictionary to help us with vocabulary and spelling and writing our own definitions.

We will be reading stories with repeated sections and predictable endings, identifying main characters, making a sequence and summary of a story, inventing new words and phrases and writing new sentences to produce an invented part of a story.

They will also be asking and formulating questions about information texts, understanding the differences between fact and fiction, recording in the form of a spidergram, list or chart, writing an information text and editing their own work. The children will be learning how to write a recount from a fictional text, capturing language ideas of a recount, orally telling a recount, writing a recount and editing a recount. 



In Maths, we are working hard on the following units: multiplication and division, fractions, position and direction, numbers to 100, money and time! 



The RE units for the spring term include: Easter, Pentecost, Sharing Jesus’ Life and Following Jesus Today.


In History, we will be learning about the history of flight! We will be focusing on the Wright Brothers at first, before learning about Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart, as well as how flight has changed throughout history!

In Geography we will be learning to name the seven continent, recognising where they are in the world and learning about the characteristics of each continent. We will be locating and learning about the oceans and recognising that the United Kingdom is made up of different countries. We will also be using compass directions to locate lad masses around the world.



In Science, we are learning all about plants! We will learn all about the different parts of plants and how they grow, the different types of wild plants, as well as the plants we eat! 

We will also continue to learn about the seasons, moving on to Spring and Summer. 

Design and Technology 
In DT, we are learning about structures, windmills in particular. We will learn about the different parts of a windmill (the structure, the turbine and the axle), before designing, making and testing our own windmills for the mouse who lived in a windmill in Old Amsterdam. The children are very excited!


In Music we will be using Charanga. During the first half term the unit is called ‘What songs can we sing to help us through the day.’ During the second half term it will be ‘How does music teach us about looking after our planet’ We will be learning to sing songs.  As part of using our imaginations, we will be composing some of our own lyrics to add to the song.  We will also be learning to use glockenspiels and unpitched instruments to add a simple accompaniment to the music. Each week the children will have an opportunity to record their learning.

Art and Design 
In art, we are learning about the artist Alfred Wallis! We will be learning all about his life in Cornwall, and how he painted from memory. We will also be looking at his beautiful seascapes, and the colours he used. We will practice drawing from observation and painting using watercolours. At the end of the unit, we will create a mixed media seascape inspired by Alfred Wallis! 



In Computing, we are making pictograms! We will be learning all about how algorithms, sequencing and coding works, before making our own. 


In our PE lessons on a Friday, we will be continuing to work on our fundamental movement skills, before moving on to Athletics! 


The main homework will be set on Monday. This is put onto the class webpage. In addition to any written homework, please try to read daily with your child and sign their reading diaries.  Little and often is best – five to ten minutes each day can make a big difference.


Year 1 Reading challenge


Recommended Reading Challenge!

In your reading folders, you will have a poster with recommended books for Year 1. Your challenge is to finish reading all of these books by the end of Year 1! We will work together and find as many books to share with each other to try to get everyone to read them!

There are some amazing books that I am sure you will enjoy just as much as I have.

For each book you read, write a couple of sentences about the book in the back of your homework diary so that we know you have read it! There will be a prize for the people who read them all! Good luck and have fun!