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Our Approach to Spelling


We use Read Write Inc. Spelling for Years 2-6 to meet the demanding spelling requirements of the National Curriculum and to build on the fantastic start our children make with Read Write Inc. Phonics. Each year group covers the previous year's expectations for consolidation as well as the expectations for the current year.


Reasons why we use this programme:


  • Puts the complex requirements of the curriculum into snappy daily lessons
  • Makes spelling fun!  From an exciting online spelling stimulus clearly introducing spelling rules and concepts
  • Provides plenty of writing practice with a clear record of progress
  • The emphasis is on teaching spelling, not simply testing spelling
  • Although the teaching of phoneme-grapheme correspondence underpins this programme, it also develops children’s knowledge of word families, how suffixes impact upon root words and provide mnemonics to remember the trickiest spellings.
  • The teaching revolves around instruction, partner and group practice, and competitive group challenges that help children commit new words to memory.


How are children assessed?


Half-termly practice tests assess children’s spelling progress using the same format as the statutory assessments in England. Online tracking spreadsheets enable us to record and track individual children’s progress and identify units or concepts pupils might need to be retaught.


During the teaching activities each week, a number of assessment opportunities are also planned into the programme. The emphasis is on the importance of learning to spell, rather than being tested on spelling.