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Class 3

Class teacher - Mr Killeen

Summer Term Curriculum:


RE  RE units for the Summer term will include Easter, Pentecost and The Eucharist


Alongside the final unit, the children will continue their preparations to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion in June. Further meetings will take place during the term to support parents and children. Details will be sent via dojo and within the school newsletter.


MATHEMATICS  The Summer term will concentrate on units of mass and capacity, we will further develop our understanding of fractions and study units of money and time. Angles, properties of shape and statistics will conclude the year. We will continue to make our mathematics as hands on as possible, using different equipment and different representations to strengthen and deepen our understanding. 


We will also be having a whole school focus on fluency and instant recall of our times tables and number bonds.  Throughout all of this we will be doing lots of talking about mathematics, learning and using mathematical vocabulary. Children may talk about their 'Fast Maths' - a daily practice of recall facts!


Please keep encouraging your child to practise times tables and number bonds at home – if the children know these securely it helps them with their wider maths learning.  Year 3 revises and secures the 2x, 10 and 5x tables and then moves onto 3x, 4x and 8x tables.  The aim is for instant recall!  (Realistically, ‘instant’ means 3 seconds or less!!!)


ENGLISH We will begin by looking at different fables and writing our own versions making sure that a lesson is learned. We will write recounts ensuring that we can incorporate many of the Year 3 expectations for writing. FInally, we will conclude the year with a fun unit of poetry, looking in particular at how we can have fun with words and word play! We will continue to work on our reading skills in Guided Reading sessions, increasing our fluency and developing our inference, prediction and summarising skills


COMPUTING this term will focus on using the Purple Mash software system to learn about and create simulations.


In HISTORY we will study the Roman Empire and its once dominant position. We will also learn about its impact on Britain.


In GEOGRAPHY our focus will be on the continent of Europe, and we will zoom in on the country of Italy, analysing this interesting country.


ART - our focus this term will be Pablo Picasso. We will develop our skills and understanding and create our own cubism self-portraits.


PE will take place on Monday afternoon and we will be learning our fundamental skills in the first hour and putting these into practice in the second. Children will learn through Athletics - studying basic throwing, jumping and running skills aiming to throw further, jump longer and higher and run faster and longer!


Design and Technology  This term we will be covering food technology, about how food is seasonal and how we can support the planet by eating more seasonally.

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