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Class 3

Class teacher - Mrs Beeston

Autumn Term Curriculum:


RE  RE units for the Autumn term will include Belonging, Prayer and what is to be expected in Mass.  We are also excited to be starting our new ‘Life to the Full’ relationships and health education.  This will focus on how we are created and loved by God as well as how we relate to others and to our community.


The children would also have the opportunity to prepare to participate in their First Holy Communion this term.  


MATHEMATICS  The autumn term will work on place value and identifying certain numbers. Once children have an understanding of place value, we will progress to addition, subtraction as well as beginning to investigate multiplication and division. We will continue to make our mathematics as hands on as possible, using different equipment and different representations to strengthen and deepen our understanding. 


We will also be having a whole school focus on fluency and instant recall of our times tables and number bonds.  Throughout all of this we will be doing lots of talking about mathematics, learning and using mathematical vocabulary.


Please keep encouraging your child to practise times tables and number bonds at home – if the children know these securely it helps them with their wider maths learning.  Year 3 revises and secures the 2x, 10 and 5x tables and then moves onto 3x, 4x and 8x tables.  The aim is for instant recall!  (Realistically, ‘instant’ means 3 seconds or less!!!)


ENGLISH We will start by investigating fables and we will look how to tailor archaic fables and modernise them. We will then write our very own recount focusing on one of our favourite fables, The Tortoise and The Hare. Then we will begin to look at different poem structures, such as Haikus. During these topics we will cover Y2 writing expectations whilst expanding our knowledge on conjunctions. We will continue to work on our reading skills in Guided Reading sessions, increasing our fluency and developing our inference , prediction and summarising skills


COMPUTING will start by coding. We will become master coders, who knows maybe even master hackers. From there we will move on to esafety to ensure the children can be fully safe online. Then moving on to spreadsheets


Our HISTORY will be all about our amazing local area, Caverswall. Firstly, we are going to investigate into some of the important things in our history that makes us so special! Then we will begin to understand what it was like in 1885 when Foxfield Railway was being built. 


GEOGRAPHY will be wide-ranging this term.  We will start by looking at our local area. Do we really know where in the world Caverswall is? Where is it on a globe? Where is it in comparison to Scotland? We will then begin to investigate on a local study to see how we can help the area and our wonderful home. 


ART will be very exciting as we draw on Anthony Gormley's sculpures to create their very own sculpture.



PE will take place on Monday afternoon and we will learning our fundamental skills in the first hour and putting into practice in the second. Children will be able explore through different tasks and challenges throughout a differentiated approach.  

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