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Class 3

Class teacher - Mr Killeen

Year 3 - Autumn Term 2023

Please find below information regarding the curriculum this term:


This term will have a number and place value focus. We will study this carefully before progressing to work with the four operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In English we will begin the year with recaps of expectations within our written work, then build on this with units of Stories with Familiar Settings, Non-chronological Reports,  and Poetry – Haikus and Tankas. The latter linking with our Curriculum Vehicle of 'Japan'.


Our RE work this term will focus on the study of units such as,  Belonging, Listen to God’s Word at Mass and Advent - we will develop our understanding of these areas and towards the end of term, begin to think about our Sacramental preparations in the new year.


Our first science unit is 'Animals including humans' - we will study the different animals in our world and the similarities and differences. We will study healthy eating and the varying diets that exist.


Local history unit – Potteries focus – we will look at how transport has changed over time and as part of this we will visit Middleport Pottery, looking at how trade, transport and the changes in our region.


We will focus on trade in the UK and how products are traded across the globe. We will study how supermarkets have supply chains for their goods and also study how the pottery industry in Stoke on Trent has a lasting legacy, including a close look at Wedgwood and their global trade.


We will be developing our understanding of music whilst listening, responding and playing. Using simple melody, changing dynamics, pitch and tempo playing individually and in pairs or groups.


In art we will study the work of Antony Gormley – our focus will be on his sculptures and paintings and we will be using clay during our visit to Middleport later in the term.


As part of our DT study we will be looking closley at the different structures that we have in our world with a focus on castles.


We will be using Purple Mash to complete our units linked to Online Safety.


Our PE day will be on Monday each week and this session will be delivered by Mr Killeen and Mr Huson on alternating weeks.


We will begin to learn Spanish this year as the children are now in Key Stage 2. We will initially focus on an introduction to the alphabet and phonetic differences before studying some basic language features to support our learning as the year progresses.

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